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Would you or your child like to be a TMH model? Nothing to it. You sign up, we will send you a coupon code for a few free bows and you post pictures on your social media and tag #thmmodeling

As soon as you touch your baby girl’s headband, you’ll know why it’s a popular. Made from faux leather, it's really soft. These come in a range of very tasteful, shades, patterns and styles. There are flower headbands for flower girls, tutu bands for the little ballerina. Moreover, it does a great job of holding hair back and in place. There’s a mix of headbands and hair bands in sweet and delicate designs that are the perfect size for babies, toddlers and girls. Most importantly, these accessories won’t pull hair or hurt their head, and they’re suitable for baby’s fine hair or ethnic hair. They hit the mark for both pretty and practical! They certainly turned lots of heads at a birthday parties and around town.

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