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When kids are, well, kids, they don’t exactly have a knack for doing their own hair. But chances are if they have longer hair, their strands get in the way while playing or going about the day.


Parents are constantly faced with the problem of how to keep their children's hair in order. This is especially a concern at school, where teachers will be unable to comb children's hair and many classes require students to wear a hat. Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that could keep the fly-away hairs out of their face, keeping them from constantly pulling irritable strands from their eyes? There is actually no such thing, but there are some products that help this problem by using elastic bands and headbands on each side.


TMH Craft hair accessories take these differences into account, while of course being fun and pretty at the same time.

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The best things for kids' hair are those that are easiest to use, which is why many parents prefer hairbands, which keep the hair out of the way, but don't require any sort of maintenance or attention from you. These types are generally elastic, so they will stretch and pull out over time.

But, the most efficient way is just to keep your child’s hair out of their face. It is fairly simple to keep the hair out of their eyes, they can simply turn their head slightly to the side. But curls and wisps of hair will fall in the face no matter how many times you comb, it is nearly a constant battle.

The longer hair gets, and the more humidity there is, the more problems you have.

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