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Hair Bows

Bows? Headbands? Hairbands with bows? Which one does your baby girl tend to reach for? Set her up with stylish TMH Crafts Boutique children hair bows. They’re a convenient and affordable way to support their stylish expression. Bright, sparkly and fun, these character-themed youth bows certainly do the trick. what’s not to love about these unique hair bows?

Our favorite?

Check out the list below for our customers like the most this month. With so many options, she’ll never get tired of doing her hair. Just like mom, your little fashionista will have plenty of hair accessories to choose from to mix up her daily hair style. These boutique style hair bows from our hair bow factory are the best hair bows not just for babies and for toddlers. Young girls will also have fun completing their outfit of the day too.

Our Material

The concept behind these youth hairbows and children bow headbands are very simple - The headband itself is made from multiple types of fabric of your choosing. Many of the headbands are mad of animal cruelty free faux leather and is comfortable and durable. 


Faux leather is not just simply a more affordable way to get the high fashion luxe look. Today, fashionable clothes for children are not only a thoughtful combination of wardrobe elements but also correctly selected accessories.


THM Craft hairbow boutique carries the best hair bows for toddlers and little girls. Our unique hair bows are a daily part of the lives of our kids. Whether they are playing, running on the beach or attending a party. They hold up as well as being attractiveness. They are easy to use, stay put and comfortable!

We make it easy for parents who want to know “where to buy baby hair bows?” or “where to buy youth hair bows?” or “where can I buy pull bows”? or What are the best bows for toddlers?


Our hair bow factory is all about bows. We carry an array of youth bows and hair bows for children. So many bow designs for hair, so many hair bow ideas for you to create. I put my expertise into our product line to keep a steady rotation of product offerings to accommodate children, children of color, and Black children in particular.


High-quality fabric and stitching. Beautiful prints. These adorable handmade faux leather girl bows and headbands with bows make great gift ideas for baby showers, birthdays, Easter baskets, stocking stuffers and so much more. They are gifts for all occasions. These bows create memories that last!

Are you looking for a custom Hair Accessory? 

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