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Leather is a popular material for accessories and clothing, but it can be expensive and impractical for certain projects. If you want to try your hand at faux leather, here's everything you need to know!


Faux leather vs. real leather: The big difference between faux leather and real leather is that the latter comes from the skin of an animal whereas the former comes from a synthetic material. You can tell that it's faux because it won't have any creases or wrinkles - in fact, if you look closely at something made from faux leather, odds are good that you'll see some sort of cutout in the design or stitching pattern.


About this item:

Color: Rainbow faux leather with Oreos

Fabric Weight: Heavy, Suitable for: Accessories - Bags/Purses,Accessories - Hats,Apparel - Coat/Jacket,Bedding,Car Upholstery,Costume,Crafts,Motorcycle Upholstery,Pillow,Table Top,Upholstery

Lenth/Amount: 11 1/2-71/2

Material: Faux Leather contract grade expanded vinyl that is an excellent value for the performance it provides

Faux Leather Fabric - OREO Rainbow

$3.00 Regular Price
$1.75Sale Price