A material suitable for all types of sewing projects, our faux leather is made from high-quality synthetic fabric. The material has a light texture and a semi-glossy surface that looks just like the real thing, but is more affordable.


The faux leather can be trimmed with scissors to create any type of shape for your new item. This versatile material offers tons of possibilities for creative crafters who want to make clothes, hair accessories, wallets or other fashion accessories. For those who are environmentally conscious or budget restrained, this faux leather is an excellent alternative to real leather.


About this item:

  • Color: Pink  faux leather with Disney and VL Black logo
  • Fabric Weight: Heavy, Suitable for: Accessories - Bags/Purses,Accessories - Hats,Apparel - Coat/Jacket,Bedding,Car Upholstery,Costume,Crafts,Motorcycle Upholstery,Pillow,Table Top,Upholstery
  • Lenth/Amount: By the yard, width 54"
  • Material: Faux Leather contract grade expanded vinyl that is an excellent value for the performance it provides

Faux Leather Fabric - Disney and VL

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$1.75Sale Price