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Faux leather is the perfect alternative to real leather for those who want to have a high-end look without paying an arm and a leg. The material has so many more benefits than the real thing, including being easier on the environment. With all of these perks, why would you choose anything else?


Faux leather is made from synthetic materials that are sturdy and durable while still looking just like real leather. Our faux material has a light texture with a semi-glossy surface that is perfect for creating clothes or hair accessories. The faux leather looks just like real dyed or embossed genuine cowhide tack, but it's much more affordable.


About this item:

Color: Pink, green, blue pastel faux leather with fairy and turles

Fabric Weight: Heavy, Suitable for: Accessories - Bags/Purses,Accessories - Hats,Apparel - Coat/Jacket,Bedding,Car Upholstery,Costume,Crafts,Motorcycle Upholstery,Pillow,Table Top,Upholstery

Lenth/Amount: 11 1/2-71/2

Material: Faux Leather contract grade expanded vinyl that is an excellent value for the performance it provides

Faux Leather Fabric- Pastel Turtle and Fairy Sea

$3.00 Regular Price
$1.75Sale Price
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