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Cruelty-free Material

TMH Craft Boutique is a one-of-a-kind boutique that sells a wide selection of girl’s hair bows and hairbands, with a style and elegance that matches the 5 importance of any occasion. We take great pride in our selection of fabric and hair jewels, quality and value. We source exclusively animal cruelty free faux leather fabric. Our products are handmade with the utmost attention and made in the USA. Our quality products are easy to care for and durable.


We are always looking to source the highest quality materials with the smallest impact to our environment. Consumer interest in animal-free products continues to grow.


Our girl hair accessories comprised of headbands and hair bows are cruelty-free, made without animal products. While our choices are an important step towards a more 3 sustainable future, we are committed to continuously reducing our environmental impact.


Cruelty-free, simple, and comfortable hair accessories for children in solid prints or bold prints for our little fashionistas. Often, children’s combines different styles, which also looks very interesting and unusual in sets. From faux leather, sequins or jeweled. The color scheme for kids are pastel shades or radically bright and impressive. Popular prints include stripes, checks, floral and abstract and geometric.


TMH Craft Boutique is also committed to conducting business in an animal cruelty-free and future-oriented manner. By using faux leather as our fabric of choice, I am teaching my young children about the topic of what it means to be animal cruelty-free without scaring and overwhelming them?


Baby steps for our babies - Teaching them that there are other options available when sourcing materials and fabrics. Although it is important for us never to turn a blind eye to animal abuse or any social injustices, when it comes to sitting down and talking it through with our little ones, a gentle approach is often best for young ears, eyes and hearts.


I believe that teaching values is the greatest gift we can give our children. We want to show our kids the beauty of kindness, compassion, and acceptance of everyone for who they are. That's why “Elizabeth’s Choice” was created. There are so many ways society and culture tell kids what to wear and what to do. That's why we're happy to give kids the freedom to be themselves and express themselves through our kid fashion forward hair accessories.

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