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We sell faux leather material for projects like sewing clothes and hair accessories. Faux leather is a great material for beginners because it’s relatively easy to work with, and you can make a variety of different items with it. It’s also a good choice if you want to make something that has a more professional look, like a purse, business card holder, or laptop case. The how-to guide is the following: Purchase the material with the measurements that you want. Cut it using scissors or an X-Acto knife. Apply heat to the fabric with an iron. Adhere the fabric with glue. Sew together the pieces that you want to put together. Enjoy your creation!


About this item:

Color: White with grey checked pattern faux leather with PR little cuties with hair bows

Fabric Weight: Heavy, Suitable for: Accessories - Bags/Purses,Accessories - Hats,Apparel - Coat/Jacket,Bedding,Car Upholstery,Costume,Crafts,Motorcycle Upholstery,Pillow,Table Top,Upholstery

Lenth/Amount: 11 1/2-71/2

Material: Faux Leather contract grade expanded vinyl that is an excellent value for the performance it provides

Faux Leather Fabric -Little Cuties RR America Red Hair Band

$3.00 Regular Price
$1.75Sale Price
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