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Beautiful fall fabric sheet  size 12x12. These gorgeous Flowerl-inspired are a perfect way to celebrate any day .Whether you want to make earnings, bows, or something else, this fabric is just for you. The material can be used for hair bows, scrapbooking, keychains, bags, shoes, wallets, cell phones and more.,This is a UV resistant marine grade upholstery vinyl with resilient stretching great for earrings, hair bows, clutches and anything else you would use faux leather or firmer upholstery vinyl for! Vinyl upholstery is made from two separate synthetic materials. The fibers of the upholstery are constructed from strong polyester fibers. The fibers are then coated with vinyl, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers (phthalic acid). This vinyl is melted onto the surface of the fibers, sealing them closed and making a virtually waterproof surface that is still flexible and tough.

Faux Leather flower print #2

$4.00 Regular Price
$3.50Sale Price
12 Inches
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